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Internet Connection on Beaglebone over USB

Sometimes, we meet a condition that forced us to have an internet connection to our Beaglebone Black (BBB), such as updating OS package, upgrading OS package, or even a program installation. BBB has an useful feature to get an internet connection through USB port. The idea is to share/forward our laptop’s internet connection to our BBB through USB cable instead of ethernet cable. Here is the tutorial to get an internet connection to our BBB.

In this case, i use BBB Rev C that using Debian OS. Here is my BBB configuration.

and here is my network configuration on my laptop (Windows 7).sonoku_internet_BBB1

First, share the laptop’s internet connection (Wireless Network Connection) to our BBB (Local Area Connection 3). To do this, open the wireless connection properties and select the sharing tab. Then check the Allow other network to connect through this computer’s Internet connection box, and choose the Local Area Connection 3 from Home networking connection list then click OK. Then click “Yes” to next dialog box below.


In this step your BBB may lose connectivity with the laptop, please back to the BBB’s network properties and set the IP address to automatically.


After we share the Laptop’s internet Connection, you are to setup the default gateway to To do this follow this command:

Next, add as a nameserver to /etc/resolv.conf, you can check the contain of resolv.conf first.

the resolv.conf contain only, so then add the to the resolv.conf and check once more

Now we can ping to or ping to, use Ctrl+C to stop.

Here is the ping statistics.

You can try to ping another website, like If you can see this similar statistics, now you have internet connection to your BBB.



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